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The West End Slo Pitch Association (WESPA) is a non-profit organization and elects it’s Executive Officials at the conclusion of each season for the following year.

Executive Members MUST put his or her seat up for democratic election at the conclusion of each season and resigns all control or perceived ownership (permits, bank accounts, etc.) failing re-election. 

New Executive candidates must be attendance for elections however past or current executives may be voted in absentia with permission from the current Executive. The elections will be held at the final meeting of season. 

The Executive is empowered by the member teams to:

1.      Organize Meetings
2.      Collect Fees / Pay Bills
3.      Supply a regular and playoff schedule (subject to change)
4.      Implement Discipline / Rules (and voted changes thereto)
5.      Maintain League Equipment
6.      Provide Umpires
7.      Provide a season ending banquet (according to fund availability)
8.      Maintain accurate accounting records for all league expenses
9.      Maintain accurate records / standings for all league games (regular season and playoff) 

The President will organize and distribute the workload among Executive Members and MUST share the signing authority for all league Cheques with the TREASURER, whose signature MUST be on EVERY cheque. 

The Team Representative of each team has voting rights (one vote per team) for their team on all league issues. All votes MUST have a Majority and though Executive Members do not have a vote the President ALONE carries the tie brake vote but ONLY AFTER TWO successive attempts to resolve the issue has ended in a tie.

The Team Representatives are responsible for informing their respective team of all league related matters as they pertain to the game and the individual members and team membership requirements in WESPA (Rules, Player Conduct, etc.).

Changes to the league operating structure, league constitution or league rules MUST be decided upon by a MAJORITY vote by the current TEAM REPRESENTATIVES.